Yorkshire Flower Essences
Yorkshire Flower Essences

Yorkshire Flower Essences

  • 2 Castle Hill, Ilkley, United Kingdom (UK)
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  • Yorkshire Flower Essences

Who are we?

  • Flower essences can be used by everyone as catalysts for positive emotional change and balance. They can be taken internally as drops or used on the skin, on pulse points.
  • Yorkshire Flower Essences is home to Bailey Essences, Verbeia Moorland and River, and Scintilla Essences for the Workspace and for Animals.
  • Over 200 essences are made by hand by Yorkshire Flower Essences in the heart of the spa town of Ilkley, the essences and related products are shipped daily from Ilkley all around the world.
  • We are always open online, so check out our website.

What do we do?

  • Individual Essences
  • Composite Essences for particular emotional states, such as grief, anxiety, anger and frustration.
  • Products that incorporate the essences, including:

    -Room Misters, for each season and to energetically clear a workspace;

    -Body Products, including invigorating Shower Gel, Roller Ball

  • Individual consultations
  • Bespoke Essences created for individuals
  • Other Complementary Therapies availabe

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