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Discover Ilkley Behind the Scenes at PURE PILATES

Pure Pilates, found in Crescent Court in the heart of Ilkley, is unique. Firstly it is the only Romana’s Pilates studio in the North, teaching the original work of Pilates founder Joseph Pilates himself.  On top of this, Kirstin Ferrie, the studio’s proud owner, has also partnered with world-famous clothing brand Lululemon to offer luxury activewear (another rare find in the North of England, with the closest stockist after Pure Pilates being Manchester). In short, not only will you find worldclass Pilates teaching and a gorgeous clothing range at her studio, but most importantly Kirstin and her team believe that the learning environment and community that clients become a part of are pretty special too.

Kirstin has been teaching Pilates for over 20 years in studios all over the world. She’s taught a range of bodies; young and old, injured and strong, professional athletes and those who have never set foot in an exercise setting in their life. Everyone is truly welcome and Pure Pilates offers an inclusive, non-intimidating and welcoming place to workout and strengthen the body. The loyalty of Kirstin’s clients is a testament to this – many have been with her since she first opened her doors at her previous premises in Ilkley over 12 years ago.

One-to-one and group sessions are offered, with groups purposely kept small so that each person can work on tailor-made, individualised exercises. Each body has different needs and so no two people will share an identical Pilates class experience. Using the specialised equipment that Joseph Pilates himself created to teach his exercises, Kirstin and her apprentice Antoinette will guide you all the way.

The exercises have far-reaching benefits and can truly impact all areas of an individual’s health and well-being in a positive way.

Kirstin says: ‘It’s a joy to be part of a client’s journey towards
wellness and strength, and so rewarding to watch them change, develop and grow, both physically and emotionally. As well as physical improvements such as better posture, stronger core and supported spine and a more toned body, it’s incredibly fulfilling to watch a client find self-belief and confidence through Pilates and to know that it has drastically improved their quality of life

The Pure Pilates team dream big:  along with Antoinette and front-of-house team Sophie and Milly,  Kirstin aims to make Pilates more accessible to people in Ilkley and the surrounding areas, and to one day develop the business further across the region.

Saskia Ward, another experienced and dedicated Romana’s Pilates teacher, is set to join the team later this year. It’s an exciting time for the business and the team always love to welcome new clients on board.

Pictured Above: Kirstin Ferrie
One to One Sessions at Pure Pilates Studio in Ilkley

To begin your Pilates journey and to browse their Lululemon range, just drop into the studio to find out more or alternatively visit the website and the team will be glad to help.