Spotlight: Sturman & Co

After founding Sturman & Co in Ilkley in 2011, Bess Sturman has become one of Yorkshire’s most sought-after Interior Designers based on an outstanding portfolio of original, elegant, and individual home designs.

“Our award-winning modern English aesthetic is rooted in a clean, classical style and a sensitivity for colour inspired by the natural environment. At the heart of our service is a Concept Design phase which helps you as a homeowner to understand how your home needs to change to support your ideal life. To do this we create an overall ‘spatial masterplan’ for your home, usually guiding or building on the work of your architect.

No amount of beautiful design can overcome rooms that simply don’t work. A spatial masterplan is incredibly important and often missing in interior design work. So much so, we believe it is the foundation of the future success of your home project.”

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